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8L 2rank HDI Printed circuit board assembly for aviation project


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General Specification:

Layer No: 8 layer                                       
Panel size/mm: 101.85mm*132.36mm         
Material: FR4 IT-180A                      
Finished Thickess:1.6mm                   
Finished Copper: 17um
Surface treatment: OSP
Soldermask: Blue
Silkscreen: White
Special Technology:resin plugged

Printed circuit board assembly (PCB Assembly) and PCB manufacturing are closely linked and are indispensable for the emergence of every new product.

Whether it’s a single pcb, multi-layer, flexible circuit board ,or rigid-flex pcb, our professional team is working to provide one-stop shop for printed circuit board assembly,testing, and commodity sourcing of boards and other materials demands, to provide a comprehensive service from design to delivery, we strive to ensure the most comprehensive manufacturing and testingprocesses to ensure that each board is built and tested to product specifications.

Our company with professional PCB design concept, excellent PCB LAYOUT team, strictdesign process to provide customers with efficient and quality services.

90% of the technical staff have more than 10 years of industry experience, set up a PCB design department, to create more professional services.

To provide PCB package construction for the customer (the customer provides the component DATASHEET).

To provide PCB impedance calculation, lamination design, QA inspection, process inspection, EMC inspection for customers.

The design includes high speed, high frequency, high power, simulation, digital and analog mixing, HDI, soft and hard combination, FPC and other design types.

Master the most advanced technical information, fully consider EMI, EMC and manufacturability design, assist customers and LAYOUT engineers to do schematic diagram analysis and PCB design, to ensure the quality and reliability of the design.

Support schematic diagram and PCB software formats: Cadence, Mentor ee, Mentor pads, Altium (99SE), etc.

PCBA Prototype Manufacturer Sayfu Enterprise culture

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SAYFU quick turn prototype PCB assembly – Certification of high quality PCB international quality systems

The certification of international quality systems including UL E511658, ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949:2016

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