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Concept of EMC Design in PCB Design

The purpose of EMC design is to find a way to make the amplitude of various interference signals generated by the electronic equipment designed or produced by itself meet the requirements of others; at the same time, it is also necessary to find a way to make the electronic equipment designed or produced by itself … Continued

Circuit board soldering: reflow wave soldering!

In PCBA processing, two common soldering methods are reflow soldering and wave soldering. So in PCBA processing, what is the role of reflow soldering, what is the role of wave soldering, and what is the difference between them? PCBA refers to the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board + Assembly, that is to say, the bare … Continued

PCBA News-Benefits of using patch components

Benefits of using patch components The patch element has a number of advantages over the lead element. On the first hand: small size, light weight, easy to save and mail. For example, the commonly used patch resistor 0805 package or 0603 package is much smaller than the direct resistor we used before. A few dozen … Continued

The five-step operation method of manual welding technology

一. Welding process The so-called welding, is to use solder as a medium, that is, heating and making the two metals connected and achieve the purpose of conducting electricity. 1.Good welding basic conditions: (1)Welding parts must have good weldability. (2)The surface of the welding parts must be kept clean. (3)Suitable flux is necessary. (4)Welding parts should … Continued