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Factory address
Factory address: Building B, Kangjia Industrial Park, Kangle Road, Taimei Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong Province,516000

Business office and transit warehouse address: 5th Floor, No.1 Buld, Dacheng jiancai Square, Guanchang Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, 523819
Phone number
+86 133 1296 7631

Chinese PCB house Guangdong Sayfu Multilayer Circuit Co., Ltd introducing many foreign advanced automation equipments of PCB production to become the lagest foundry industrial in China. Comprechensively promotes the elaborating management.

Sayfu is not only a professional PCB manufacture, with high quality, fast delivery and good service, but also a perfect partner.

NoEquipmentQuantityUnitOrigin of supplier
1CNC.drilling machine24SetGermany/Hitachi
2Auto electroplate line1SetHK
3Auto PTH1SetHK
4UV machine1SetItaly
5V-cut machine2SetItaly
6Computer-control V-cutter1SetTaiwan
7Wire Repaired machine1SetChina
8Test machine11SetHK
9Punching machine7SetHK
10Drilling Target machine2SetHK
11Edge Beveling cutter1SetChina
12Corner Beveling Cutter1SetTaiwan
13Nickel plating line1SetChina
14Film Laminator1SetChina
15Squeegee sharpen1SetHK
16Photo plot2SetChina
17Black Oxide2SetTaiwan
19Board cutter4SetHK
20Vacuum-Press machine11SetTaiwan
21Tense Screen Machine1SetChina
23Cool Pressing2SetHK
24Routing Machine3SetHK
25Grinding Machine5SetHK
26Volcanic ASH grinding machine2SetEngland
27Edge Grinding Machine3SetChina
28Sirocco Flattening1SetChina
30Corner cutter1SetTaiwan
31Hot Pressing2SetHK
32Screen dryer1SetHK
33Etching Line2SetHK
34Semi-Auto screen Printer6SetHK
35Hand screen Printer11SetChina
38Dust catcher18SetHK
39Milling machine1SetItaly
40Developing Machine3SetHK
41position-hole drill3SetTaiwan
42drill bits sharper9SetChina
43Vacuum packer1SetTaiwan
44brown Oxidation Line1SetHK
45Auto Drilling target machine2SetChina
46Laser Drilling machine4SetChina
47Laser hole inspection machine1SetChina
48fuse machine1SetChina
49Vacuum acid etching1SetChina
50Spray Silkscreen printer1SetChina
51Automated Visual Inspection1SetChina
52Online AOI1SetChina
53LDI exposure machine2SetJapan
54UVDI exposure machine1SetJapan
55Low pressure spraying1SetChina
56Resin plugging machine1SetChina
57Plate electric VCP line1SetChina
58Hole filling plating line1SetChina
59X-Ray inspection machine1SetChina
60Hi-pot tester1SetChina
61Loss tester1SetChina
62Impedance  tester1SetChina
63Automatic reinforcement machine1SetChina
64Automatic steel sheet machine1SetChina
65FPC Target machine1SetChina
66UV laser cutting machine2SetChina
67Pressing machine1SetChina
68FPC fast pressing machine3SetChina
70Iron machine9SetChina
71Heating table5SetChina
72Automatic clamp1SetChina