Quality Assurance: strictly following to the standard are the strong guarantee to our pcb board product quality.

1Process for handling Customer’s Input to DeliveryYes 
2Is there Configuration Management for customer (Mistral) Input/Data Storage and backup?Yes 
3Is there any process for Data Security and How the customer’s items are maintained?Yes 
4Is there version control to maintain the updated documents/customer’s items?Yes 
5Mode of communication and availability for support (24 X 7)No24X5
6What is the minimum duration for reply/response?Half a day 
7Is there any process for improvement and how it is initiated & maintained?Yes 
8Is there any process to address ESD DisciplineYes 
9The method for handling inward materials and storageYes 
10Mechanism to handle RoHS & Non RoHS componentsYes 
11Mechanism to handle scrap items at the site.Yes 
12Type of internal Audit and frequencyYes 
13Is the testing automated and report available in the database?Yes 
14Turn around time for rework / CompliantWithin 7 days 
15Error management – Capturing/Detecting errors,  Analyzing Error & type of corrective and preventive actionYes 
16Complaint managementYes 
17How the Risk management implemented and informed to the customer?EQ before product 
18Is there any Supplier Management Process & monitoring their performance?Yes 
19Do you have an Obsolescence Management System implemented?Yes 
 Sample Check in Different Stages  
20Sample check in each stageYes 
21Equipments calibration status and record maintainingYes 
22Is there a process to handle the Special Requirement (if applicable).Yes 
23Is there a process to handle the Special Process (if applicable).Yes 
24Do you have the data retention & disposal process?Yes 
25Rejected/Defective Items Handling ProcessYes 
26Do you have the process for prevention of counterfiet itemsYes 
27Do you have the process for Critical Items HandlingYes 
28Key Characteristics Measurement & Monitoring ProcessYes 
29Do you have the process to conduct FAIYes 
30Do you have the process for Roll Back & Re-CallYes 
31Do you have the relevant/applicable standard copy (hard or soft copies)?
If yes, specify the standard names.
32Records of skilled resource like; Training Certificate, Experience etc are available.Yes 
33During the testing or inspection will you ensure that there will not be FOD on the product/itemsYes 
34Test/Inspection reports consists of details like; Inspection/Tested by, date, sign & seal of the company.
Details are suffient that traceability is enough?
35Employees are aware on Ethical Behaviour, Data confidentiality etc.Yes