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SI Five Signal Integrity Simulation Tools Introduction

The current high-speed circuit design has reached the level of GHz, and the high-speed PCB design requires a comprehensive design of vias, packaging and wiring from the perspective of three-dimensional design theory to solve the problem of signal integrity. High-speed PCB design requires that Chinese engineers must have the theoretical foundation of electromagnetic fields, and … Continued

Opportunities and challenges for domestic packaging substrate enterprises

The epidemic has brought prosperity to the consumer electronics industry, and the demand for LSI chips such as CPUS and Gpus has doubled. As a result, the capacity of large-size FC-BGA substrates has been in a state of shortage, leading to the lack of supply from manufacturers of packaging substrates. Fc-bga substrate is out of stock … Continued

IC Substrate Suppliers

Substrate suppliers are slashing capacity allocated to wirebond IC substrates. We hear about “limited tenting capacity,” “no support for EBS designs,” and requests for “conversion to etchback” designs. What does all this mean? Let’s start with “Line” and “Space.” “Line” is the width of a trace on a substrate and “Space” is the distance between … Continued

The future development direction of PCB technology

Looking at the current development status and trends of international electronic circuits, it is imperative to upgrade electronic circuit technology with regard to the industrial technology and policies of China’s electronic circuits-printed circuit boards. 一、Chip-scale packaging CSP will gradually replace TSOP and ordinary BGA CSP is a chip-scale package, it is not a separate form … Continued

Applications of IC Substrate PCB

IC substrate PCBs are mainly applied on electronic products with light weight, thinness and advancing functions, such as smart phones, laptop, tablet PC and network in fields of telecommunications, medical care, industrial control, aerospace and military. Rigid PCBs have followed through a series of innovations from multilayer PCB, traditional HDI PCBs, SLP (substrate-like PCB) to … Continued

The definition of IC Substrate (ICS)

A special circuit board for chip packaging. Similar to the traditional rigid PCB processing technology. But the smaller in size, thinner than PCB. ICS denser through holes, and finer than the traditional rigid PCB. What is IC Substrate? IC substrate is a type of base board used to package bare IC (integrate circuit) chip. Connecting … Continued