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Shennan Circuit: Guangzhou basic engineering construction project has carried out activities

On May 16, Shennan Circuit responded to investors’ inquiries on the investor interaction platform on “What is the main production of the Guangzhou packaging substrate production base project? When can it bring performance to the company”, and said that the company’s Guangzhou packaging substrate project is mainly for FC-BGA, FC-CSP and RF packaging substrate products. … Continued

Zhuhai Suntak Phase II Project Progress

On May 12, Suntak Technology responded to the progress of the current project on the investor interactive platform, saying that Dalian Suntak Phase II is still under construction; Zhuhai Chongda Phase II is currently in the preliminary survey and design stage, and has not yet started construction. The specific start time of Zhuhai Phase II … Continued

The new accelerated development of the packaging and testing industry

Today, China’s packaging and testing industry faces policy opportunities, market opportunities and technological opportunities. In terms of policy opportunities, from 2016 to 2020, relevant departments are releasing new integrated circuit industry policies, which have provided strong support for the packaging and testing industry, and new policies are still being introduced. In terms of market opportunities, … Continued

Ji’an gathers several high-quality PCB projects

Approved as the first batch of 5G industrial bases in the province, enterprises in the fields of 5G manufacturing, new display, and digital audio-visual have accelerated their agglomeration, and the full-caliber digital economy operating income has reached 46.6 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the region’s operating income – this is Ji’an Jinggangshan Economic Development … Continued

PCB industry annual report inventory: upstream doubles downstream pressure automotive electronics, servers are expected to bring structural opportunities

In the context of global economic recovery, the electronics industry market is picking up, the outbreak of automotive electronics and other industries and the continuous emergence of new application scenarios have boosted the demand for PCBs. Benefiting from this, listed companies in the PCB industry chain such as Shengyi Technology (600183.SH), Nord (600110.SH), and Chaohua … Continued

The innovation in the development of the PCB splitter industry lies in technological innovation, product and service innovation

PCB splitter, also known as circuit board splitter. He overcame the disadvantages of the uneven strength of manual hand folding and the difference in the angle position of the folding board, which caused the destruction of PCB electrical circuits, parts, and tin paths, and quickly became the darling of the electronics manufacturing industry. my country … Continued

The role of PCB assembly in the medical industry

The role of PCB assembly in the medical industry Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are vital in healthcare and medicine. As the industry continues to innovate to provide the best technology for patients and their caregivers, more and more research, treatment and diagnostic strategies have moved towards automation. Therefore, more work involving PCB assembly will be … Continued

Automotive PCB-six ways to reduce the defect rate

The automotive electronics market is the third largest APPLICATION area of PCBS after computers and communications. With cars from the traditional mechanical products, evolution, gradually developed into intelligent, informatization, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, electronic technology was widely applied in the car, whether the engine system, or the chassis system, security system, information … Continued

PCB electronic products demand rebounds, PCB grows rapidly, and the market is expected to continue to expand

Pcb electronic products demand: Affected by the increase in raw material prices, PCB (printed circuit board) companies are expected to increase prices strongly. Shennan Circuit released an investor activity record sheet on June 4 to disclose that the price of some raw materials has risen recently. The company will strengthen communication and negotiation with suppliers … Continued

PCB design-What are the key points?

PCB design is very important in the whole circuit board, it determines the foundation of the whole PCB. This paper summarizes some points needing attention in PCB design for reference. Select PCB boardPCB board selection must meet the design requirements and mass production and cost of the balance between. The design requirements include electrical and … Continued