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Four future development directions of PCB market

Printed circuit boards are widely used, and the following four major technology trends are expected to maintain leadership in the PCB market for a long time and take the entire PCB industry in different directions.Because printed circuit boards are so versatile, even small changes in consumer trends and emerging technologies can have an impact on … Continued

By 2026 the market size of this PCB is expected to reach 12 billion US dollars!

In June 2022, the domestic new energy vehicle market has returned to the rising channel before the epidemic, and the delivery volume of many car companies has reached a record high. Among the new car-making forces, Xiaopeng delivered 15,295 units in June, a year-on-year increase of 133%; Nezha Auto delivered 13,157 units in June, a … Continued

Meizhou industry implements efficiency improvement plan to promote the quality and efficiency of PCB industry enterprises

A few days ago, Meijiang District formulated and implemented the “Three-Year Action Plan for Quality and Efficiency Improvement of Meizhou Economic Development Zone in Guangdong (2022-2024)” to comprehensively improve the level of investment promotion and the operation and management level of the Economic Development Zone, strengthen existing enterprises, and promote Meizhou Economic and Technological Development … Continued

PCB will be replaced by chip in the future?

As China becomes the most important industrial base in the world, related upstream industries are gradually moving to China, and PCB industry is one of them. At the same time, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, 5G and other new technologies, PCB has also put forward higher requirements, as an important electronic component, … Continued

Chinese name: High difficulty PCB English name: High PCB board

Definition: It is a double-sided or multi-layer circuit board made of epoxy resin and other materials. Applied disciplines: physics (first-level discipline); material physics, electricity (second-level discipline). What is the development status and trend of difficult PCB boards in Japan’s epoxy resin printed circuit board industry? In 2007, the entire electronic circuit industry, such as printed … Continued

Maintenance of PCB electroplating production line

In the printed circuit board production process, the main use of electroplating equipment have two kinds, one is horizontal electroplating line, one is vertical electroplating line. These two different structures of electroplating equipment, mainly the circuit board transport way is different, the conveyor plate equipment structure is not the same, so for maintenance is also … Continued

Shennan Circuit: Guangzhou basic engineering construction project has carried out activities

On May 16, Shennan Circuit responded to investors’ inquiries on the investor interaction platform on “What is the main production of the Guangzhou packaging substrate production base project? When can it bring performance to the company”, and said that the company’s Guangzhou packaging substrate project is mainly for FC-BGA, FC-CSP and RF packaging substrate products. … Continued

Zhuhai Suntak Phase II Project Progress

On May 12, Suntak Technology responded to the progress of the current project on the investor interactive platform, saying that Dalian Suntak Phase II is still under construction; Zhuhai Chongda Phase II is currently in the preliminary survey and design stage, and has not yet started construction. The specific start time of Zhuhai Phase II … Continued

The new accelerated development of the packaging and testing industry

Today, China’s packaging and testing industry faces policy opportunities, market opportunities and technological opportunities. In terms of policy opportunities, from 2016 to 2020, relevant departments are releasing new integrated circuit industry policies, which have provided strong support for the packaging and testing industry, and new policies are still being introduced. In terms of market opportunities, … Continued