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PCB printer in the circuit board industry application

We have heard a lot whether the PCB printer machine and FPC printer machine, circuit board machine, especially manufacturers in the circuit board industry, many have begun to apply ink coding or laser marking to replace labor, save labor costs and improve efficiency. Today, we will share with us the detailed application status of PCB … Continued

EMC-Workbench of ZUEKN

ZUEKN’s system-level EMC/EMI analysis software EMC-Workbench consists of three modules EMC-ENGINEER Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Module, SI-WORKBENCH Signal Conformance Analysis Module, RADIATION-WORKBENCH Radiation Analysis Module. The EMC-Engineer electromagnetic compatibility analysis module comprehensively and quickly diagnoses your design: EMC-Engineer checks the EMC/EMI characteristics of a PCB or system at an early stage of design, and can use … Continued

SPECCTRA Quest Introduce

SPECCTRA Quest is a high-speed system board-level design tool provided by CADENCE, which can control the corresponding constraints with PCB layout. The following tools are integrated under the SPECCTRAQuest menu (1) SigXplorer can edit the wiring topology. Delays, characteristic impedances, type and number of drives and loads, topologies, types of termination loads, and more can … Continued

Power Supply Noise Countermeasures in PCB Design

Distributed noise caused by the inherent impedance of the power supply. In high-frequency circuits, power supply noise has a greater impact on high-frequency signals. Therefore, a low-noise power supply is required first. A clean ground is as important as a clean power supply; common mode field interference. It refers to the noise between the power … Continued

Countermeasures to Eliminate Power Supply Noise Interference

According to the different manifestations and causes of power supply noise interference analyzed above, the conditions under which it occurs can be targeted, and the interference of power supply noise can be effectively suppressed. The solutions are: Pay attention to the through holes on the board. The vias require etched openings in the power supply … Continued

Factors Affecting Impedance by PCB Processing

Under normal PCB design conditions, the following factors are mainly affected by the PCB manufacturing: The thickness of the dielectric layer is proportional to the impedance value. The dielectric constant is inversely proportional to the impedance value. The thickness of copper foil is inversely proportional to the impedance value. The line width is inversely proportional … Continued

Signal Integrity: Reflections from Variation in PCB Trace Width

When conducting PCB wiring, it often happens that when the trace passes through a certain area, due to the limited wiring space in this area, a thinner line has to be used. After passing through this area, the line returns to its original width. Changes in trace width cause impedance changes and therefore reflections, affecting … Continued

PCB etching process and process control

The process of printed circuit board from light board to display circuit graph is a more complex physical and chemical reaction process, this paper analyzes its last step – etching. At present, the typical process of printed circuit board (PCB) processing is “graphic electroplating method”. That is, on the outer layer of the board to … Continued

Stackup selection of 6-layer board in PCB design

In PCB design, for consumer electronics or some PCB boards with high cost requirements, in order to reduce the cost, a 6-layer board design is often used, and the layout space of the device is also relatively tight, which will affect the distribution of the stack and Signal planning has higher requirements. Generally used: SIGNAL1- … Continued

Design a PCB: creepage distance design principles

When we design a PCB, we sometimes encounter circuits with higher voltages, so how to take care of the creepage distance when designing, the following discusses this issue. When considering the creepage distance, the relationship between voltage and distance should be considered, as well as other factors, such as humidity, temperature, air composition, pollution condition, … Continued

Analysis of development advantage of horizontal electroplating

The development of horizontal electroplating technology is not accidental, but high density, high precision, multi-function, high aspect ratio multilayer printed circuit board products special function needs, is an inevitable result. Its advantage is that it is more advanced than the vertical hanging plating process method now adopted, the product quality is more reliable, can achieve … Continued

PCB design knowledge

PCB Design Basics Printed circuit boards (PCBs) appear in almost every electronic device. If there are electronic parts in a device, they are all mounted on PCBs of various sizes. In addition to fixing various small parts, the main function of the PCB is to provide the mutual electrical connection of the various parts above. … Continued