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PCB etching process and process control

The process of printed circuit board from light board to display circuit graph is a more complex physical and chemical reaction process, this paper analyzes its last step – etching. At present, the typical process of printed circuit board (PCB) processing is “graphic electroplating method”. That is, on the outer layer of the board to … Continued

Stackup selection of 6-layer board in PCB design

In PCB design, for consumer electronics or some PCB boards with high cost requirements, in order to reduce the cost, a 6-layer board design is often used, and the layout space of the device is also relatively tight, which will affect the distribution of the stack and Signal planning has higher requirements. Generally used: SIGNAL1- … Continued

Design a PCB: creepage distance design principles

When we design a PCB, we sometimes encounter circuits with higher voltages, so how to take care of the creepage distance when designing, the following discusses this issue. When considering the creepage distance, the relationship between voltage and distance should be considered, as well as other factors, such as humidity, temperature, air composition, pollution condition, … Continued

Analysis of development advantage of horizontal electroplating

The development of horizontal electroplating technology is not accidental, but high density, high precision, multi-function, high aspect ratio multilayer printed circuit board products special function needs, is an inevitable result. Its advantage is that it is more advanced than the vertical hanging plating process method now adopted, the product quality is more reliable, can achieve … Continued

PCB design knowledge

PCB Design Basics Printed circuit boards (PCBs) appear in almost every electronic device. If there are electronic parts in a device, they are all mounted on PCBs of various sizes. In addition to fixing various small parts, the main function of the PCB is to provide the mutual electrical connection of the various parts above. … Continued

How much do you know about HDI blind buried via PCB?

What is HDI PCB (HDI blind buried via PCB)? Why is there a separate category called HDI in the PCB technology category? HDI is designed to provide a lot of interconnect in a very small space. Components are placed closely on the board, which helps reduce size, but functions like a larger board. HDI PCB … Continued

PCB hole wall coating cavity phenomenon and countermeasures

Chemical copper deposition is a very important step in the metallization process of PCB holes. Its purpose is to form a very thin conductive copper layer on the hole wall and copper surface, which is ready for electroplating later. And hole wall coating hole is one of the common defects of PCB hole metallization, easy … Continued

Why is the PCB circuit board more difficult to make when the number of layers is higher?

With the development of electronic information technology, more and more fields use multi-layer PCB boards.Traditionally, we define PCB boards with more than 4 layers as “multilayer PCB boards“, and more than 10 layers as “high multi-layer PCB boards“. Whether it can produce high-level multi-layer PCB boards is an important indicator to measure the strength of … Continued

Maintenance circuit board technology essence

Fault characteristics and maintenance of capacitor damage of industrial control circuit board The failure caused by capacitor damage is the highest in electronic equipment, especially electrolytic capacitor damage is the most common. Capacitors play different roles in circuits and cause different faults. In the industrial control circuit board, the digital circuit accounts for the vast … Continued

Design Basics of Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board, PCB will appear in almost every electronic device. If there are electronic parts in a device, they are all mounted on PCBs of various sizes. The main function of the PCB is to provide the mutual electrical connection of the various parts above. As electronic devices become more and more complex, more … Continued

Why to “paste gold” on PCB board

PCB board surface treatment Oxidation resistance, tin spraying, lead-free tin spraying, gold sinking, tin sinking, silver sinking, hard gold plating, whole plate gold plating, gold finger, nickel palladium OSP: lower cost, good solderability, harsh storage conditions, short time, environmental protection process, good welding, smooth.Tin: Tinjet board is usually a multi-layer (4-46 layer) high-precision PCB sample, … Continued

What is the principle of PCB?

Printed circuit boards are basically present in electronic devices also known as printed circuit boards. This green circuit board made of precious metal connects all the electrical parts of the device so that it functions properly. Without a PCB, an electronic device cannot work. A PCB schematic is a simple two-dimensional circuit design that shows … Continued