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Factory address
Factory address: Building B, Kangjia Industrial Park, Kangle Road, Taimei Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong Province,516000

Business office and transit warehouse address: 5th Floor, No.1 Buld, Dacheng jiancai Square, Guanchang Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, 523819
Phone number
+86 133 1296 7631

Our PCB assembly house Dongguan Winow New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in Qingxi, the most beautiful town in Dongguan, Guangdong in January 2018, focusing on fast PCB design services, R&D, quick turn PCBA services(SMT fast sample). Committed to building a first-class hardware innovation platform, accelerating the hardware innovation process of electronic products, and improving product quality.

Winow focuses on PCB layout, development, with more than 100 R&D engineers worldwide. Winow wholly-owned PCBA factory is located in Dongguan, and had set up a branch in Huizhou in 2021, equipped with newly imported equipment, include Fuji XPF, NXT3, AIMEX III, automatic solder paste printer, 10/12 temperature zone reflow oven,wave soldering, AOI, 3D XRAY, 3D SPI, intelligent first piece tester, automatic splitter, BGA rework station, selective three-proof paint and other equipment. Focusing on high-quality R&D express, medium and small batches SMT, assembly and other services. As the first class of SMT express manufacturers in China, the 48-hour delivery rate exceeds 90%. We keep nearly 60,000 common electronic components in our stock, and provide full BOM component services.

As a brother company of Guangdong Sayfu Multilayer Circuit Board Co., Ltd., Winow provides its customers with one-stop hardware innovation services for Chinese PCB design, PCB manufacturing, SMT, and elctronic components sourcing from China, shortening customer research and development cycles, reducing procurement costs, and providing customers with a full range of attentive service and high-quality PCBA products and box building as well.

The following is the scope of services we can provide:

  •  [PCB design]
  • Professional PCB layout engineer: 100+.
  • Technical expertise: high-speed PCB design, SI simulation, EMC design.
  • Annual average PCB design order quantity: 5000+,especially High Density Interconnect(HDI PCB)
  • Professional 56G/112G, DDR4/5, SI/PI high-speed simulation team.
  • National high-tech enterprise, CPCA member, IPC member.
  • Have more than 100 PCB design related patents.
  • Service areas:
  • China: Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Tianjin, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Hefei.
  • Overseas: Israel, America, Canada, Germany, England, France, Australia, India.
  • [PCB manufacturing]
  • 2-34 layer sample and mass PCB production (including flexible, Rigid-flex, HDI, multialyer, metal core circuit).
  • within 3-15 days leadtime.
  • TPS(Toyota Production System)management system.
  • Materials with FR4、M4、M6、Rogers、TU872、IT968、etc.
  • ISO9001、ISO14001、UL、IATF16949 certification.
  • [SMT]
  • Owns Dongguan main factory, Huizhou branch and 3 cooperating factory.
  • Owns 35 SMT lines.
    Owns Fuji XPF, NXT3, AIMEX III, AOI, 3D XRAY, 3D SPI, intelligent first piece tester.
    Focus on SMT fast sample, with a 72-hour on time delivery rate exceeding 90%.
  • [Supply Chain Service]
  • Nearly 60,000 common electronic components in our stock.
    Convenient and quick component quotation and query system.
    Formal supplier selection and annual audit mechanism.
  • Strict IQC incoming inspection.
  • Warehouse management: constant temperature and humidity, anti-static control.
  • For more details , pls visit the website at:
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