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Meizhou industry implements efficiency improvement plan to promote the quality and efficiency of PCB industry enterprises

A few days ago, Meijiang District formulated and implemented the “Three-Year Action Plan for Quality and Efficiency Improvement of Meizhou Economic Development Zone in Guangdong (2022-2024)” to comprehensively improve the level of investment promotion and the operation and management level of the Economic Development Zone, strengthen existing enterprises, and promote Meizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone improved quality and efficiency. Take a look.

The “Three-Year Action Plan for Improving Quality and Efficiency of Meizhou Economic Development Zone in Guangdong” clearly states that within three years, Meijiang District will formulate an electronic information-led industry cultivation plan, adhere to the coordinated development of the industrial chain and supply chain, and focus on extending the chain to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain. Make great efforts to introduce and cultivate leading enterprises. In the “Plan”, the “hero theory of yield per mu” is introduced, and indicators such as “tax per mu per mu, added value per mu, added value of unit energy consumption, and the proportion of R&D expenditure in main business income” are used as the criteria for judging enterprises. Sub-enterprises can obtain the inclination and supply of more resource elements in the park.

Xiao Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee of Guangdong Meizhou Economic Development Zone (Dongsheng Park): The introduction of the “Plan” is to guide the development of the Economic Development Zone in the future. We have a relatively complete industrial chain, and the company is also growing grow and develop with broad prospects.

In Meizhou Dingtai circuit board production workshop, the reporter saw that HDI boards, double-sided printed boards, multi-layer printed boards, flexible boards and other products are quickly produced under the orderly operation of high-precision instruments, and they will be used in Communication equipment, computer network, industrial control, automobile and other scientific and technological fields. Although the product has a wide range of applications, it is still a low-end product in the circuit board market, and the product price is about 500 yuan per square meter. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and promote the iterative upgrading of products, Dingtai Circuit has continuously increased investment in scientific research in recent years, upgraded existing products, and developed new products. One square meter, four times the value of existing products.

Li Qinsheng of Dingtai Electronics: An average of 10 million to 20 million yuan is invested every year to conduct research and development of our equipment and products, and gradually develop towards high-end (products). Because our industry is also constantly developing, including 5G communication, unmanned driving, etc., these can drive the improvement of skills and output value of the entire upstream, midstream and downstream industries.
According to the person in charge of the company, in recent years, the company has continuously strengthened its industry-university-research cooperation with South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the circuit board industry. The introduction of the “Plan” has strengthened the innovation path of enterprises, increased the average output value per mu, and allowed enterprises to enjoy more development resources in the development of the park.

Dingtai Electronics Zhong Yiping: Enterprises with relatively strong core technologies can obtain element guarantees and further improve and strengthen our enterprises. We plan to take 60 acres of new land for project construction in the industrial park. It is estimated that the project will invest 2 billion yuan. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can achieve an output value of 2.5 billion yuan. Our average output value per mu can reach more than 40 million yuan. It is a relatively high level.

In the production workshop of Weilibang electronic copper clad laminate, the achievements of technological innovation can be seen everywhere on the production line. The cutting line machine and the reflow line stacking system are both technical transformation projects that have just been completed this year. After the technology upgrade, the production efficiency and fineness of the products have been effectively improved, which not only enhanced the market competitiveness of the products, but also increased the output value of the company’s CCL products by nearly 20 million a year.

Wang Renhong, Manager of the Technology Department of Weilibang Electronic Brand: 1284: The level of intelligence (machine) has been improved compared to before. The advantage is that it is more accurate and can meet customer needs and sizes of different specifications. Another is the improvement of efficiency. It used to be about 9 seconds per board before the transformation. Now it has been improved to 6 seconds and 7 seconds after the transformation. It can add thousands of boards a day and tens of thousands of boards a month. Efficiency has also improved.

After the implementation of the “Plan”, enterprises hope that the economic development zone can continue to improve its services in terms of infrastructure and business environment.

Hu Kun, deputy general manager of Weilibang Electronics: 1307: The “Plan” will bring great benefits to our enterprises in terms of business environment, the improvement of service quality and the improvement of service efficiency, which shows that the government has made great efforts in the real economy. We are determined and hope that through this plan, the overall real economy of Meizhou will be improved.

PCB industry enterprises

In recent years, the electronic information industry in Meijiang District has grown from small to large, and the high-end electronic information industry represented by leading companies such as Guowei Electronics, Bomin Electronics, Zhihao Electronics, and Weilibang Electronics has begun to take shape. The ratio is more than 80%. With the growth of Yinghua Electronics, Dingtai Electronics and other enterprises, the quality of the entire industry has also been continuously improved, and the cluster effect has become increasingly prominent. At present, there are 144 enterprises in Guangdong Meizhou Economic Development Zone, including 78 electronic information enterprises, which have formed an industrial chain of copper foil production – copper clad laminate production – PCB production – electronic and electrical product production. The introduction of the “Plan” will surely escort the upgrading and upgrading of economic development zones and enterprises.

Xiao Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee of Guangdong Meizhou Economic Development Zone (Dongsheng Park): Next, we will conscientiously implement the content of the “Plan”, establish a project, a special class, a set of plans, and work to the end Mechanism, so that investment projects can be “started immediately when land is acquired”, and promote the implementation of key projects in Meijiang. At the same time, we will increase investment promotion efforts, strengthen and optimize industrial clusters, and strive to introduce no less than 2 projects worth 100 million yuan each year, and no less than 10 projects in 3 years. We will continue to strengthen the infrastructure construction of economic and technological development zones and provide services for the development of enterprises. Hardware support.